Long Plain First Nation celebrated its 142nd Birthday. Chief Dennis Meeches tells us how the first nation came to be all those years ago.

“We signed the August 3rd treaty of 1871, our ancestors,” says Meeches. “In 1875, there was a deal brokered at the Round Plain, which is just southwest of Long Plain, with the crown, and the following year June 20th, 1876 there was an adhesion to the treaty signed at Long Plain.”

Meeches notes the day was celebrated by raising the Canadian flag at the cenotaph, as well a traditional feast took place at the Keeshkeemaquah burial site, where the first Long Plain chief is buried. A barbecue was also held at the Crossing Café at the Long Plain store.

He says the events were low key, but they’ve been acknowledging the day over the years. He says it was great day to celebrate, as summer solstice begins.

-Article Courtesy of Portage Online


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