MARCH 21, 2018

Upon review of the submitted appeals, the Election Appeal Committee determined the following Declaration of Candidacy  submissions;

Listed Alphabetically

James Assiniboine: Deemed Eligible
Sharon Daniels: Deemed Ineligible
Yvette Prince: Deemed Eligible
Peter Yellowquill: Deemed Ineligible


As per the Long Plain First Nation Custom Election Act,

Article 13.18 “The Election Appeal Committee shall make a final and binding decision on all received written Appeal(s) of Candidacy six (6) days after the Declaration of Candidacy deadline.”


Article 13.20  “The decision of the Election Appeal Committee shall be in writing and a copy of the decision shall be provided to the Appellant, Respondent and Electoral Officer and be posted in at least three (3) conspicuous Long Plain entities/businesses and on social media in accordance with Article 13.18.”



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