Long Plain First Nation voted in their choice for Chief and Council yesterday.

Re-elected for Chief Dennis Meeches says he’s looking forward to his next term.

“I’ve been in office for quite a few years, and I’m just very happy that Long Plain people believe in me to lead,” says Meeches. “I’m looking forward to the next four years, it’s going to be a good journey. I think a lot will get done for Long Plain.”

Four people were voted in as councillors, including newly appointed Stephen Prince. He’s excited to see what portfolios he’ll end up with.

“My first order of business is to familiarize myself with the programs that are going to fall under my portfolio,” says Prince. “With doing so, I want to work closely with the people that are running the programs, and hopefully capitalize on expanding and looking for more funding for their programs.”

Prince was elected alongside 3 other councillors, including new to office James Assiniboine, and re-elected Liz Merrick and Marvin Daniels. Though Prince hasn’t been involved in Long Plain politics before, he’s no stranger to the political realm. In 2016, he ran for Liberal Candidate for the Portage riding. Unfortunately he lost out to Ian Wishart, but says it was a wonderful learning experience, and he was glad to represent Portage.

For more information about Long Plain, check out lpband.ca or longplainfirstnation.ca.

-Article courtesy of Portage Online, Renée Lilley


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