Long Plain Human Resources Department exists to facilitate impartial recruitment process including job advertisement, placement, job descriptions, workplace safety, fair compensation, benefits, and addressing any complaints. Should there be a situation where employee has a grievance against the employer, we try to resolve such disputes by arbitration process accordingly. Our department handles all Labour Board complaints, complaints that are lodged under the Federal Labour Code as well as complaints lodged with the Manitoba Labour Board.


We provide advice and support in the areas of labour relations, policy interpretation, health and safety compliance, interpretation and compliance with Labour Standards and the Canada Labour Code. We are a resource for managers, supervisors and employees who need assistance when dealing with difficult situations; we mediate disputes and can be called upon to attend disciplinary meetings. Apart from typical role that is expected of Human Resources Management Department, despite being a very small department in the community we have taken up additional role of promoting skills of employable youth to employers other than LPFN.



We are working in partnership with Employment and Training Department to develop skill profiles for members of the community. LPFN members are encouraged to visit our website lpet.ca and develop their skills profile stepwise.


Step1:  Register at the website and create your account as member of the Long Plain First Nation.


Step 2: Once you login, complete your personal profile by providing the information required. This information is used in your resume. If you have any question regarding how this information is used, please contact Employment and Training department.


Step 3: Create your online resume. Take your time, you don’t have to complete this step in one sitting, just do as much as you like save and come back next time you will like to work one. In case you have any question, contact Employment Office or call helpline at (204)430-9871.


Step 4: add all employment related documents to “My Documents”. Documents like

  • Transcripts of your High school Diploma, degrees and certificates can be helpful to evaluate your skill level.
  • Driver transcripts can be very helpful to look at as they indicate your driving skills.
  • Criminal Record Check and Child Abuse Registry Check can also be very helpful.

Step 5: This is final step where you can enter intended job occupations. Against each job provide skills that you have acquired in that particular occupation.



There are number of services that are performed for employers. We help employers by providing them access on Skills Inventory database. Some of the actions that can be performed by employers are.

  • Post jobs
  • Browse resume database of Long Plain First nation job seekers.
  • Manage job application
  • Communicate with job seekers
  • Send alerts

For more information, contact Employment and Training Department front desk.