Prince Ogitchita Martial Arts Systems (POMAS) students are looking to make their mark on the world stage. Grandmaster Stephen Prince had this to say.

“I’ve been actively coaching and mentoring youth for many years,” says Prince. “I’ve been involved in martial arts myself for over 35 years. I’ve been honoured by the Manitoba Association for Sikaran Arnis to submit my team to represent Canada at the 2018 World Sikaran Championships being held in Winnipeg.”

Even with an accomplishment like this, Prince is encouraging his students to be even better, despite recent success.

“We came back from the North American Championships in December and we cleaned house,” adds Prince. “We came home with 38 medals: 16 gold, 16 silver and 6 bronze. We’re looking to capitalize on it again. The last world tournament I took my students to, we brought home 22 medals and I’m hoping to top that this time.”

The tournament will get underway on May 5th at the convention centre in Winnipeg.

– Article courtesy of Portage Online, Lucas Plett


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