Long Plain Fire Department would like to remind members of the community to protect themselves and against fire in spring and summer months. You can reduce of fire in your neighbourhood by reporting fire hazards such as abandoned bulk waste to Fire Department and talking about the safety tips below:

Tips from Long Plain Fire Department:

– Keeping your grill clean on your Barbecue, and Stove.
– Putting cigarettes out properly.
– Containing backyard fires.
– Keeping garden hoses and fire extinguishers close by.
– Keeping cloths, hand towels, plastic or wood utensils, newspapers, grocery bags away from stoves.
– Never leave cooking unattended.
– Unplug kettles, frying pans that are not being used.
– Use smoke detectors, it prevents fire hazards.
– Smoking is not only bad for your health, it also causes fire hazards. Fires started by cigarettes cause one out of every five fire fatalities, and careless smoking remains a leading cause of home fire deaths in Canada. In 2000, smokers material caused 3,929 fires with losses of $56.7 million. To prevent fire from smoking make a rule to smoke outside in open air.



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