Long Plain First Nation will be looking at building a new police station in the coming years. Chief Dennis Meeches spoke about the project.

“It’s a goal of ours, we would like to achieve that within two to three years,” says Meeches. “Eventually, the First Nations Police Service will have to move out of the Rufus Prince Building because Long Plain would like to create a National Indigenous Residential School Museum.”

The Rufus Prince building was originally the Portage la Prairie Indian Residential School constructed in 1916. It was closed in 1975. In 2009, the Manitoba First Nations Police Services moved into the building.

“Even though we’re a couple years out, we’ve been discussing it for quite a few years now,” notes Meeches. “Preliminary planning has been going on and I think with recent announcements from government there could be an opportunity to do that. Right now, this is a temporary home for them here.”

-Article courtesy of Portage Online


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