Reference Article 12.17, within two (2) days after the election, the Electoral Officer shall post in at least three (3) conspicuous Long Plain entities/businesses and on social media, a written statement of results setting out:

The names of the Candidates that were elected and their respective offices:
Dennis Meeches, Chief
Stephen Prince, Councillor
Liz Merrick, Councillor
Marvin Daniels, Councillor
James Assiniboine, Councillor

The names of any Candidate that has been acclaimed and their respective office: 
No acclaimed candidates

The number of Eligible Electors that voted in the election:

The total number of votes cast for each Candidate in alphabetical order:
David Meeches, 327
Dennis Meeches, 604
Yvette Prince, 30
Chris YellowQuill, 53
James Assiniboine, 424
Marvin Daniels, 430
Sage Daniels, 215
Raymond Jr. Meechas, 234
Garnet Meeches, 350
George Meeches, 323
Liz Merrick, 446
Geraldine Perswain, 283
Joyce Perswain, 222
Stephen Prince, 469
Theresa K. Sanderson, 190

The total number of votes cast by Mail-In Ballot, electronic voting and at the polling station:
Mail-in Ballot: 36
Electronic Voting: 170
Polling Station: 828

The total number of Spoiled Ballots:

The total number of ballots printed:


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