The Tribal Registry Office is located in the Tribal Administration Office. The Tribal Registry is responsible for the maintenance of the Tribal Members registry, population statistics, births, transfers, divorces, registered deaths, marriages and Bill C-31applications. New Secure Indian Status Cards be applied for at Room 200, 365 Hargrave Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

In 1985, the federal government changed the lndian Act by passing Bill C-31. These changes ended various forms of discrimination that had been ongoing since the 1860s. Many people over the decades had lost their Indian status because of unfair terms in the Indian Act. Since the passing of Bill C-31, the names of more than 100,000 people who lost their status as a result of these terms have been added to the Register.Before Bill C-31, there were several ways a person could lose his or her Indian status under the terms of the Indian Act then in place. These included:

  • Marriage to a non-Indian—if a registered Indian woman married a non-Indian, she automatically lost her Indian status. She was no longer considered to be an Indian within the meaning of the Indian Act; neither were any of her children if they were born after her marriage.
  • Enfranchisement—before April 17, 1985, a person could apply to give up their Indian status for various reasons including the right to vote in a federal election. Until 1960, the only way Indians could vote in federal elections was to give up their Indian status.
  • Foreign residence—an Indian who lived outside of Canada for more than five years lost his or her Indian status.

Bill C-31 allowed people in these situations to apply to have their status restored or to be registered for the first time and to have their names entered in the Indian Register. Bill C-31 also enabled people in the following categories to apply to be registered:

  • Persons removed from the Indian Register because of a protest based on non-Indian paternity.
  • Children of people whose status was restored may be eligible to register for the first time, if one parent is registered or entitled to be registered under Section 6(1) of the Indian Act. Children are also eligible to register for the first time if both of their parents are registered or entitled to be registered under Section 6 of the Indian Act.

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