Long Plain Public Works department is responsible for on-reserve drinking water management, wastewater management and animals control in the community. This includes infrastructure for safe water sources, water treatment plant operations, maintenance of the water supply lines and hauling water to residents where water supply lines are not available yet.


With nine crews on board, Morris Daniels as a department manager works at Long Plain First Nation to provide these services to the residents of the community. Most of the funding comes through Indian and Northern Affairs but this funding alone is not enough to pay for operations of the department.


Morris Daniels, Manager
Morris Peters, Plant Operator
Albert Peters, Plant Operator
Ian Perswain, Plant Operator
Larry Meeches, Water Truck Driver
Travis Meeches, Transfer Station Worker
Lawrence Myran, Transfer Station Worker
Ralph Wescoup, Sanitation Truck Driver
Alvin John, Septic Truck Driver
Helen Merrick, Water Truck Driver


Contact Information
E: info@publicworks.ca
Box 430 Portage la Prairie
Manitoba, R1N 3B7