What started with a state of emergency a year ago has finally been repaired and re-opened on Long Plain First Nation. Repairs on Yellowquill Trail, devastated when a tornado struck the reserve a year ago, have been completed. Chief Dennis Meeches had this to say.

“We’re very happy today,” says Meeches. “A historic day for us, we declared a state of emergency on this road back in September 2017. The road is open now and we’re glad to have the work completed and I think people will be quite pleased with it.”

Meeches explains why re-opening the road is such a big deal for the community.

“It means a lot because it’s the main artery into the First Nation,” says Meeches. “It was our main road for generations. It is the road into Long Plain, so we’re very fortunate that we’re able to re-open it.”

Article courtesy of Portage Online


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